Tony Reitano

Tony ReitanoI started my acting career as a sophomore in college as a biology major when I auditioned for Fiddler on the Roof on a bet. I got cast, and the rest is, well…the rest. During my summer breaks I started working as the Character Man in the Mellerdramas at Gaslight Village, Lake George, NY 4 shows a day (with pie fights and burlesque sketches in between). After actually graduating from college (to quote Geoffrey Rush in Shakespeare in Love, “It’s a mystery…”) I started working, first in the Buffalo area, creating a comedy team with Tom Dudzick, then moved to NYC and started the ubiquitous Dinner Theatre tours. In between, I worked in Off Broadway, with some Commedia Del’Arte, burlesque (Dick Richard’s Burlesque) and Standup Comedy mixed in with stage plays and musicals. I studied acting with Bob McAndrew along with Sela Ward and Corbin Bernsen. A chance appearance on the $50,000 Pyramid game show got me out of NY and to Los Angeles, where I quickly discovered a knack for commercial acting. I sold everything from Hawaiian Punch to Bud Light, culminating in 15 years as Vince the Crash Test Dummy in the award-winning Safety Belt commercial campaign. I was honored to be guest at the induction of the Crash Test Dummies into the Smithsonian Institution. Film and television followed, with roles in Date With An Angel, Balloon Farm, Angels in the Outfield, Backdraft, Murder of Innocence, Any Day Now, Push, Journey to the Center of the Earth, If Looks Could Kill and others. I also performed as a voice over artist and ADR performer on many films and television projects. I met my wife, Leslie Esser-Reitano in Los Angeles in the hit play Plan 9 From Outer Space, The Musical. Shortly after we were married, we produced our daughter, Marguerite (an actress in her own right), and left the land of traffic and smog (Los Angeles) for the land of ice and snow (Wisconsin). Once here, my talents have led me to concentrate on the writing side of my career, but I still occasionally act when requested.


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