Heartline Theatricals
A professional performing arts company offering voice and acting lessons in Madison, Wisconsin.




Heartline Theatricals is a professional performing arts company in Madison, Wisconsin. They offer voice lessons and acting training for Teens and Adults, as well as professional services such as screenwriting and producing.

Heartline Theatricals was created in 2011, by Leslie Esser-Reitano and her husband, Tony Reitano, as a way to collaborate their theatrical endeavors. They met doing theatre in LA in 1995, and although they don’t agree on everything, they both still agree that they love all things theatrical better than just about anything else.

Leslie teaches and coaches singers and actors. When possible, she sings and acts herself, too. Tony is a writer and has authored numerous plays, commercials, screenplays, and song lyrics. He has also had a successful run as an actor in over 40 television, film and commercial spots. He spends a nice chunk of time working in theatres across the country as a production manager for Cocktails With Larry Miller and The Wonderbread Years. Together, they have produced theatrical productions, revues, commercials, benefits, and best of all, an amazing daughter, Marguerite. They live in Middleton, Wisconsin.