Heartline Theatricals
A professional performing arts company offering voice and acting lessons in Madison, Wisconsin.




Leslie helped me prepare for graduate school auditions.

Her guidance, advice and direction helped me gain acceptance into the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, currently ranked 3rd in the world for performing arts schools. She is passionate, insightful and truthful, which is exactly the type of person you want as an acting coach!
- Caitilin McCoy


Leslie’s knowledge is invaluable.

Her training has equipped me with the tools that all musical theatre performers need to thrive: an array of vocal techniques, the acting of a song, the business of theatre, and the overall confidence to be the best artist I can be. I use these tools in auditions, shows, and classes, and will continue to do so throughout my career as a performer in New York City. Leslie has helped me to become the artist I am today. She has given me the faith and the strength to persevere through any challenge, and I will always, always be thankful for everything she’s done for me.

- Meagan Wells, Actor/Singer living in NYC. BFA Musical Theatre; UW-Stevens Point


Tony and Leslie are both consummate professionals.

I worked with Tony and Leslie on their production of Young St. Nick; I was impressed with the production value, the organization, the talent, and the end product was top notch!

- Tom McLoughlin, Feature Film and Television Director


Leslie is a true professional who also happens to be a wonderful person.

Occasionally in life, if you are fortunate, you cross paths with truly exceptional people who are passionate about what they do and bring out the best in those with whom they interact. Leslie Esser-Reitano is such a person, and my wife Pam and I feel very fortunate to have her teaching our two sons.

The best thing about working with Leslie is that she engages students where they are, understands what they want to accomplish, and helps them achieve their goals, while simultaneously encouraging them to explore and expand their performance boundaries. Our boys both love working with Leslie. She challenges them, helps them recognize what they need to do to grow as performers, and teaches them how to do so.

We love working with Leslie because she considers us partners in the growth of our children and helps us understand their challenges and opportunities so that we can best support them in their artistic endeavors. My wife Pam and I, would and have recommended Leslie to anyone interested in realizing their performance potential while also enjoying the journey.

- John & Pam Stampen


Leslie is a fun, innovative, and insightful teacher.

She draws upon her vast knowledge of vocal and acting techniques to provide me with the tools and skills I need to grow as an artist. Leslie is constantly tweaking and adapting her methods to best match my needs, abilities, and learning style, and she ensures I understand the underlying purpose of each method or exercise. My work with Leslie has helped me to gain an understanding of and appreciation for proper, healthy vocal technique, the incorporation of artistry and acting into song, and the poise and confidence needed to perform. Best of all, I look forward to working with Leslie each week because she makes the learning process so enjoyable!

- Erin Schwartz, Speech Therapy Masters Candidate


Working with Leslie to prepare for college auditions was an invaluable experience.

She helped me to focus on a more spontaneous and organic aspect of acting, and I have used her tips in each production since.

- Emmaline Friederichs


Leslie has really inspired me to become a voice teacher myself while still furthering my craft as a musician.

She uses techniques that are easy for me to understand and apply to my work.

- Caroline Dillon


Leslie truly understands every aspect of performing.

She is patient and encouraging, and challenges me to always keep growing. I have learned so much from our time together and feel lucky to have found a true mentor for life.

- Mark Darwin