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A professional performing arts company offering voice and acting lessons in Madison, Wisconsin.

Voice & Acting



Voice Lessons

Heartline Theatricals is pleased to offer private voice lessons with Leslie Esser-Reitano. Leslie’s teaching and vocal coaching work is based on over 30 years as a professional performer and teacher in NYC, LA, and now, Middleton, Wisconsin. She embraces a positive, holistic, healthy approach that gives singers the freedom to sing with vocal ease, power, range and great expression. Focus is on cultivating the whole performer, body, mind, and spirit.  Every performer is unique and learns in different ways that best nurtures their growth. That never changes, whether you are just getting started or a working professional! In cultivating a love for the process, students discover a joy that comes from having a solid foundation that will serve them whatever their singing endeavors may be. 

Vocal Styles include:

  • Musical Theatre

  • Pop/Rock/Acoustic Contemporary Styles

  • Classical

And, always a biggie:

      Audition Technique: The audition is an art and craft unto itself. Maximizing your talent and your strengths, and making a positive powerful impression, requires additional techniques beyond the basics of good training. Leslie has been on both sides of the table at auditions, both as a performer and as a producer. It is nerve wracking, yet is still the main way to get to do what you want to do. Make that minute or two of your audition memorable…and in a good way!

Learn more about Leslie’s Whole Performance Technique®, and see our Studio Rates and Policies page for lesson options.


Acting Training

Ready to start or take your acting to the next level? Prepare for that audition, or deepen your work in the part you have been cast in. Whether it is Shakespeare, or the premiere of a new play, one-on-one coaching is your next step to move forward, if you are serious about getting cast or getting in to that program! Harnessing over 30 years of professional performing experience, Leslie Esser-Reitano’s private acting coaching includes expert guidance in:

Auditioning for Plays and Musicals and Film through:

  • Working on the written word to understand the text and how to analyze a scene.

  • Working on the self to bring your own individual sensitivity and impulses to the material in a compelling and truthful way.

College and University Audition Preparation:               

  • Finding the school that is the best fit.

  • Selecting the monologues/songs that best showcase you.

  • Preparing the audition and getting IN!

Contact Leslie today to discuss private acting training.