Heartline Theatricals
A professional performing arts company offering voice and acting lessons in Madison, Wisconsin.

Studio Policies

 Studio Policies

Welcome to my studio and thank you for choosing to work with me! My intention is to educate with enthusiasm, positivity and empower each person that walks through my door. I want every lesson to be truly awesome and I am thrilled to work with singers and actors of every age and skill level. Whether a beginner or a professional, I have learned that as artists, we all best succeed and grow when there are consistent lessons, an encouraging atmosphere and I am clear about my policies. My only prerequisite is a passion and commitment to show up, dive in and practice! The semester package is intended for the school-age student and individual lessons are available for adults. Students may enroll at any time and tuition will be prorated accordingly.

FALL/WINTER 2019 Information for School Age Students

My commitment to you means:

·     I will give every student my best attention, my best ears and eyes and see each student for who they are with equanimity and support.

·     I will be professional in my policies and procedures.

·     I will strive to attend performances. 

·     I will continue my own education.

·     I will maintain confidentiality with a student unless there is an issue of safety. 

·     I will keep a sense of humor!

·     I will maintain open communication with parents and guardians.

·     I will seek to instill and nurture a curriculum that embraces technical, and artistic skills as well as supporting a student’s complete well-being. 

  • Attendance/Make-Ups The Fall/Winter Session begins on September 8th and concludes on December 21st, 2019. Tuition covers 13 Classes in a 15 week time period. There are no scheduled classes the week of October 27 through November 2nd. That is a make-up lesson week only! There are 2 make-up lessons allowed per student per semester. One make-up lesson may be scheduled at any available time and one make-up lesson is to be scheduled during make-up week. Tuition covers lessons reserved, not lessons given. In case of inclement weather, I am happy to do a FaceTime lesson. There are no lessons November 24th through November 30th. In the case of my absence for a lesson, I will make up the lesson.

  • Payment Monthly payments are due by the 8th of each month with the exception of September, which is due by the 15th due to lessons beginning the second week. Payment may be through this website, Paypal, check or cash. There is a $25 Late Fee for overdue payments and a $30 Fee for all NSF Checks. Discontinuation of lessons requires a 30 day notice and payment is still due for lessons within those 30 days.

  • Arrival Students are expected to arrive on time. If delayed, please text your ETA. Lessons will end on time, regardless of arrival time. Please ring the doorbell or knock loudly as I don’t always hear the bell if I am in the middle of a lesson!

  • Practice! 20 minutes of mindful practice is far more valuable than 60 minutes of unfocused singing if you want to improve. Set a timer and schedule your practice time! It’s tough, but the rewards are worth it! Voice and Acting are skills that require a commitment to practice time outside of the lesson. It also happens to be the biggest factor of growth and development as an artist. Since every performer is at a different level, please consult with me as to an optimum weekly practice time frame.

  • Performances Every year, I schedule 2 concerts. One is at a local coffeehouse and the other at Oakwood Village. These events are always voluntary, but highly recommended! Students achieve so much from preparing and getting up and performing for a supportive audience.! Everyone has fun and it is ultimately a positive experience! It allows a singer to work through the nerves and fears and experience the joy of sharing their songs. Fees for pianists for rehearsals, solo and ensemble and concerts are not included in the tuition.